Topics I Am Exploring In My Life Right Now

Teach Spanish Kids

There are 3 topics I am actively thinking about a lot these days:

Topic #1: Creating Consistent Learning Routines

I’m really interested in figuring out how to make learning Spanish a regular part of our day because Spanish is my mother tongue, and I would like to pass on that legacy to my children.

I’m hoping that by creating a consistent routine, Spanish will just become a normal part of their lives. In the next few years, I want to find a routine that works for us and helps them build a strong foundation in Spanish.

Topic #2: Comprehensible Input

I first got interested in Comprehensible Input a few months ago when I realized the importance of making Spanish accessible and understandable for my kids.

I have learned a lot about the importance of  

·         Focus on understanding, not memorization

·         Language acquisition before production

·         Grammar emerges naturally

Topic #3: Creating My Own Spanish Resources to Teach Spanish to My Kids

Let’s be honest, finding the time and energy to prep lessons can be tough.  I’m also looking into creating some of my own Spanish resources that are easy to use and fun for the kids. This could be anything from bingo, coloring pages, stories.

I find myself creating those resources simply because I enjoy it.

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