Free Spring most common words in spanish list

Make Learning Spanish Fun This Spring!

Color and Learn with our Easy Spanish Words for Kids!

Spring is here! Turn learning Spanish into a fun activity for your kids with our exciting Coloring Pages. Forget boring worksheets – these pages are bursting with colorful pictures and everyday spring words in Spanish!

Learning shouldn’t feel like a chore!

Traditional worksheets can make kids frustrated. Our coloring pages turn learning into a fun adventure. Kids love to color, and these pages will help them learn Spanish words like “mariposa” and “sol” without even realizing it!

Imagine your child…

Grabbing their crayons and getting excited to learn Spanish! As they color the fun pictures, they’ll remember the Spanish words naturally. It’s a great way to spend time together and build happy memories.

Now, lets Get ready for spring with Spanish!

Free Spring most common words in spanish list

Spring time is just around the corner and I decided to add a list of common words used in spanish to our materials.

“La Primavera” Vocabulary in spanish :

abeja, pájaro, conejo, mariposa, oruga, pollito, nube, huevo, flor, rana, mariquita, hoja, nido, lluvia, arcoiris, oveja, sol, árbol, tulipán, gusano (bee, bird, bunny, butterfly, caterpillar, chick, cloud, egg, flower, frog, ladybug, leaf, nest, rain, rainbow, sheep, sun, tree, tulip, worm)

You can download this Spring vocabulary list in Spanish below:

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Spanish Spring Vocabulary Loteria

Some activities that can help to review this vocabulary are: memory, bingo, coloring pages.

I play bingo with my kids at least once a week and they have a lot of fun.. You can find this resource on TPT or Spring loteria on my shop.

Coloring Pages Spring Vocabulary in Spanish

My daughter likes coloring. Through coloring, she discovers a world full of imagination. In addition, coloring awakens her creativity while increasing their ability to concentrate. Find these coloring pages on TPT or Spring coloring pages on shop.

These coloring Pages are the perfect way to help your child:

  • Learn New Words: Coloring with Spanish words makes them stick in their brain!
  • Have Fun Learning: Kids will love coloring the pictures and won’t even realize they’re learning!
  • Bond with You: Spend quality time together doing something creative and educational.

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