Spanish Alphabet Word Wall Cards

As a mother teaching Spanish to my kids, I’ve found that Spanish Alphabet Word Wall Cards can be a great tool to help them learn the language. I’ll be sharing my personal experiences and how we use this resource at home.

One day, when I was looking through the Spanish learning resources we had at home, I discovered that we didn’t have any resource that would allow me to show my children the Spanish alphabet. So I set to work on creating word wall cards.

Why was I so interested in creating this material?  Spanish Alphabet Word Wall cards allow me to show vocabulary to my children in a specific place at home to review it constantly, to encourage creativity and to play multiple games.  This Spanish Alphabet Word wall cards feature the letters of the Spanish alphabet, along with corresponding pictures and words to help kids learn to learn and remember the letters and their sounds.

What are Word Wall Cards

Usually, ABC spanish word wall cards include letter headers cards and corresponding cards that feature words along with a corresponding picture. These cards help students learn and remember the letters and their sounds.

We use these cards in a variety of ways to support language learning, such as displaying them on a word wall or bulletin board (our kitchen). We also use them for matching games and storytelling. I imagine these cards can also be used for spelling challenges or writing exercises (my daughter can’t write yet, but when the time comes, it would be a nice exercise). 

Benefits of using Word Wall Cards

We noticed these benefits at home:

  1. Build Vocabulary: You can show kids cards with pictures, say the word and talk about it. My daughter surprises me when she uses a new word in our conversations. 
  2. Reinforce letter recognition:  Kids learn to recognize and differentiate between the letters. This is an important skill for reading and writing in Spanish.  My daughter is proud when she recognizes a letter.
  3. Engage visual learners:  The cards have bright colors and visual appeal that attract visual learners. Kids may remember words more easily when they see them with a picture in a context. We usually display these cards on a prominent place at home, creating our own word wall. This help my kids to review them on a daily basis.

Activities for Spanish Learning

Here are some ideas to incorporate your cards in your spanish teaching journey:

  1. Matching games with cards: Create a matching game where kids have to match the word cards with the corresponding letter header cards.
  2. Matching games with objects:  use real objects or toys to match the object with cards.  You can try with cards, fruits, vegetables, clothing.
  3. Comprehensible input: use the cards to describe a picture on a card in the target language.
  4. Storytelling:  select a couple of cards and create a story together. 

Our Spanish Alphabet Word Wall cards set

This set of cards is perfect for any Spanish classroom or home learning environment. Alphabet letters headers cards are included in 3 different color options (green, orange and green-orange).  The set also contains 105 corresponding cards that feature words to help students learn and remember the letters and their sounds, along with a corresponding picture. The cards are brightly colored and visually appealing, making them a great addition to any word wall or bulletin board. (3 letter “q”, 2  letter “X”, 2 letter “w”,  3 letter “y” , 3 for “ch”, all other letters with 4 cards)

This product includes all 27 letters of the Spanish alphabet, including the letter “ñ” and the sound letter “ch”.

You can make your own cards or purchase them from my store or from TPT.

You can also check our matching ABC coloring pages.


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