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Spanish coloring pages have been a very useful tool at home when teaching Spanish to my kids.  Combining learning a new language with an activity like coloring has made our day to day life much more fun for our kids. Here you will find ideas on how to explore the Spanish alphabet through coloring pages.

Coloring is a formidable tool for Spanish learning. Kids pick up their crayons, color pencils, markers and start coloring pages to express their creativity and absorb new information effectively. Furthermore, spanish coloring pages help us to make our learning interactive. Sometimes, I’d say the word in German (our first language), and we talk or find the corresponding word to color. We use the Spanish alphabet pages to display our kid’s art on our “Wall of Spanish” or as a letter of the week activity.

The Spanish Alphabet

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the Spanish alphabet has 27 letters. A very special letter is the letter “ñ” (eñe) which is not used in English, nor in German (our majority language).  It is those special sounds like the double “r”, the “ñ” or the “ch” that make my mother tongue, Spanish, special. And how incredible it is, to let kids explore all those new words that use those letters and sounds.

When I introduced the Spanish alphabet to my kids, we used  coloring pages that featured cute animals, plants and objects starting with those letters. This not only helped them recognize the letters but also build vocabulary along the way. There are of course some exceptions like letters “x”, “ch”, “w” which are rarely used in common Spanish words.

Preparing the Coloring Space

Find a comfy spot in your house and gather all tools for an artsy time. These are some of the tools we have at the hand: a protection for our dining table, crayons, markers and the highlight in recent days: glitter markers.

Sometimes we create a tea time when I offer cookies and a drink to accompany the cozy moment.

Making ABC in Spanish Learning Interactive

Here are some ideas on how to use coloring pages in a teaching environment:

  • Letter of the week: Introduce one letter per week. This way you can practice the sound and letter associated with different words. The different coloring sheets can be displayed on a wall dedicated to art.
  • Wall art: Displaying wall art for children means a lot. Their artwork is visible to everyone in the family or class, it helps them feel proud of their creations. Above all, they associate a pleasant moment, an experience with the language they interacted with an artistic moment.
  • Letter Hunt: Hide ABC coloring pages around the house or classroom, and have kids go on a letter hunt. When they find a page, they can color the letter and the images associated with it.
  • Alphabet book:  Print out the alphabet coloring pages and present them as a surprise for the children. They will be thrilled by the surprise and the excitement of doing activities together.
  • Conversation opportunity : Use this time spent coloring together to talk about dreams, experiences, review vocabulary, and experiences. All this input can be done in the target language.

Check also Animals common words in Spanish coloring pages.

Alphabet Coloring Pages

I love creating resources to teach Spanish to my children and when I thought it was time to teach them the Spanish alphabet I didn’t hesitate to create my own coloring pages.

  • The set contains 28 pages with images and bilingual text and 28 pages with images only.
  • A page with letter “ch” to practice the sound.
  • All pages contain images with thick lines and adapted for children to color them easily.

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