Dive into Spanish with Fall Coloring Pages for Kids

Printable Fall Spanish Coloring Pages

Fall is a magic season with its colorful foliage, cozy sweaters and apple pies. We love this season to schedule tea time and use Spanish fall coloring pages for kids in the afternoons.

Benefits of using coloring pages

We use coloring pages as a supplementary resource for learning Spanish at home. Here are some benefits of using coloring pages:

1. Improve fine motor skills

Coloring pages can help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children are practicing their ability to control their hand movements.

2. Focus and concentration

Children stay focus on completing a coloring page. They stay focused on the task and make their own decisions to complete the task. This can help them to concentrate for longer periods of time.

3. Practice vocabulary

Probably my favorite benefit. Fall coloring pages allow us to introduce new vocabulary. We can include the words in phrases or use them in a context.

4. Improve self confidence

This can be achieved by displaying finished coloring pages on a prominent space on a wall.

Integrating Spanish Vocabulary

Integrating Spanish vocabulary into fall coloring pages is a fun and effective way to help children learn new words and practice using them in context. Here are some ways to do this:

1. Labeling Objects in Spanish

If kids are able to read, you can label objects on the coloring pages with nouns or adjectives. For example, if the coloring page features a fall scene with trees and leaves, you could label the leaves with “hojas” and the trees with “árbol”.

2. Matching objects

You can collect objects like leaves, small pumpkins or use toys to match the object with the coloring pages.

3. Create simple phrases

Coloring time is a perfect space to talk about the drawings and include phrases like “El otoño es  mi estación favorita” (Fall is my favorite season) or “Me gusta recoger hojas” (I like to collect leaves).

4. Create a story

You can create a short story using the word or remember an experience. For example, “Recuerdas cuando recogimos hojas hoy en la tarde?” (Do you remember when we collected leaves this afternoon?).

Printable Spanish Autumn Coloring Pages

A cute set of Autumn coloring pages to celebrate this season El otoño.

Perfect for reviewing fall related vocabulary with kids. This set contains 20 coloring pages:

Las hojas (leaves), El árbol(tree), El otoño( Fall/autumn) ,La manzana(apple) ,La calabaza (pumpkin), El espantapájaros (scarecrow), El maíz (corn) , La ardilla (squirrel) ,La cosecha(harvest) ,El viento (wind), La lluvia (rain), La bufanda (scarf), La bota (boot), Los guantes (gloves), La fogata (bonfire), El chocolate caliente (hot chocolate), El erizo (hedgehog), La sombrilla (umbrella), El impermeable (raincoat) ,El girasol ( sunflower).

Fall coloring pages in spanish on TPT

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